Why is Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj Controversial? What is the controversy about?

A controversy is created when there is some disagreement, may be with a statement, opinion, judgement or explanation etc.

‘Controversy’ or ‘Public Disagreement’ pertaining to Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj is due to the following things:-

  • Sant Rampal Ji speaks the truth – of course it is a known harsh reality that sometime truth is bitter and henceforth hard to swallow. So it creates controversy but it does not deny the fact that things being said are actually plain truth. Be it any scripture, religion or saint, Sant Rampal Ji just reveals the facts and says the truth. It is now inevitable that this would draw some flak and cause so called “controversies”.
  • Sant Rampal Ji Exposed Swami Dayanand & his book Satyarth Prakash – Swami Dayanand has made caddish (अभद्र) commentaries on topics of women, marriage, sex, widows etc in his book Satyarth Prakash. It contains recommendations about immoral activities and having illicit sex. Chapter 4 (Samullas 4) of Satyarth Prakash is a living proof of the same. Moreover the book contains undignified commentaries on various major religions like Sikhism, Christianity and Islam and their patron saints. Arya Samaj (followers of Swami Dayanand) could not tolerate the fact that someone has exposed all the wrong doings of their maharishi and brought them out in the open. No wonder the Arya Samaj will be up in arms and that is exactly what they did in 2006 and attacked Sant Rampal Ji’s Ashram.
  • Sant Rampal Ji Exposed the Corrupt Judiciary, State Administration and Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda – Following the tussle involving the Arya Samajis, the Police, State Administration and Satlok Ashram in 2006, various baseless and false allegations were made against Sant Rampal Ji and other ashram inmates fraudulently. They were put in prison and had to spend 22 months behind bars for no fault of theirs and were finally granted bail. The proceedings ensued but justice hasn’t been served at all so far. The malign practices of Judiciary, State Administration and Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda were blatantly apparent in their actions and all the decisions the Courts (Rohtak Court, Punjab & Haryana High Court) took. Hence various memorandums were submitted to the Prime Minister, President of India, Presidents / Chairmans of ruling parties, Chief Justice of India and various other high officials with a demand to curb corruption in the Judiciary. When no attention was paid, facts detailing the corrupt and self-willed activities of Judges, State Administration and Bhupinder Singh Hooda were produced in printed medium and sent to all concerned. Of course controversy would arise. No one has managed to challenge the Judiciary so far.

Other possible reason for the Saint being controversial

  • His preachings differ from main stream beliefs prevalent in the devotee society – Sant Rampal Ji delivers his preaching based upon our Holy Scriptures i.e. Shrimad Bhagavad Gita, Vedas, Quran Sharif, Bible etc and only admonishes worship in accordance with the scriptures only.

The saying stands “All Truths are not to be Told” but this is also a fact that “Truth is Stranger than Fiction”.

Truth is truth and needs no decoration.

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