July 2006 – Satlok Ashram Karontha attacked by Arya Samaji protestors

Case Details – 2006 Satlok Ashram attack case

  • Sant Rampal Ji has a Satlok Ashram in Karontha Village in Rohtak which opened in 1999.
  • Sant Rampal Ji has been delivering discourses in the ashram since 1999.
  • Sant Rampal Ji enumerated various facts from a book “Satyarth Prakash” written by Swami Dayanand Saraswati which is very dear to the followers of Swami Dayanand Saraswati (Arya Samaji).
  • Arya Samaji anti social elements could not tolerate the truth and on 9th July 2006 surrounded Satlok Ashram Karontha. They cut water and electricity supply to the ashram and stopped the movement of anyone to and from the ashram. This continued till 12th of July 2006.
  • There were some 4000 people present in the ashram at the time as there was a satsang going on.
  • Police had assembled around the ashram but they were mute spectators.
  • On 12th July 2006, Arya Samaji miscreants wielding sticks, country made weapons and petrol bombs attacked the ashram at 12.30 pm in the daytime. They threw petrol bombs, pelted stones and made attempts to enter the ashram.
  • Police tried to intervene but the anti social elements attacked the police too. A violent clash ensued and an arya samaji perpetrator got killed far away from the ashram. His name was Sonu.
  • The Arya Samaji anti social elements kept on attacking the ashram.
  • The police security personnel provided to the ashram had to fire in air to disperse the miscreants as they were trying to burn down the ashram and enter it.
  • In self defence and to keep the arya samaji perpetrators away, stone pelting was done by ashram inmates as well.
  • Police asked for reinforcement and CRPF arrived later and got the ashram vacated.
  • Sant Rampal Ji was arrested along with some 50 other ashram inmates.
  • Case of Murder was imposed on Sant Rampal Ji. Along with this many other false charges were also framed.

How Justified is the Police and Administration’s action?

  • Those who had attacked the ashram roamed free and were even rewarded money by the State Government.
  • Those who were attacked (ashram inamtes) were put behind bars along with Sant Rampal Ji and not granted bail for 22 months.

The case is totally unjustified and the allegations have been falsely fabricated.

Court Proceedings so far

  • Central Forensic Science Laboratory (CFSL) report proved that sonu died from a bullet wound but that bullet was not fired from any weapon belonging to the ashram.
  • CFSL report has proved that the bullet wound on deceased body has characteristics that it was fired from a very close range rather than from a distance.
  • Finally on 30th April 2008, Sant Rampal Ji was granted bail.

Case is ongoing, hearing are happening, nothing has been proved. The case is losing steam as there are no witnesses and charges can’t be proved but still the allegations remain. All down to corrupt judiciary.

Why false cases have been framed successfully and justice is not being served?

  • Arya Samajis have a strong local presence with strong links to the judiciary, adminstration and the police
  • Former Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda is himself an Arya Samaji and a friend of the attackers
  • Judiciary, Police and the administration are all corrupt to the core