Satlok Ashram – Rated 5 Star By Media

Hallmarks of Satlok Ashram

(Rated 5 star by News Channels & News Papers)

  • Ashram premises spread over 12 acres.
  • Gigantic hall for devotees which could accommodate thousands at a time described by some to be as big as several football fields with separate area for male and female devotees.
  • Huge projector screens for followers to watch the satsang.
  • Well stocked kitchen which could cater to over 1 lakh people for a month, piled with tonnes of vegetables, grain and other food items.
  • 2 – 3 electronic roti-making machine having a capacity of preparing about 1,000 breads at a time
  • Thousands of mattresses and quilts for followers.
  • Hundreds of ceiling fans for the seating area.
  • Hundreds of toilets and bathrooms for disciples spread over 2 floors with uninterrupted water supply.
  • 24 hours electricity supply for everyone in the ashram via diesel gen-sets (at least 6).
  • First aid centre with x-ray facility.
  • Constant surveillance with CCTV cameras for security of disciples.
  • Ashram compound surrounded by 2 feet thick, 30 feet high walls – again for security of the disciples.
  • Dozens of buses and vehicles to ferry passengers from the ashram to bus and train stations and vice versa free of cost.

Media reports and video coverage of Satlok Ashram, Barwala  is a living testimony to the 5 star facilities available to the disciples. Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj had provided facilities to all his disciples which startled the media personnel and the police, who were stuck in a ‘Jaw-Dropping’ awe on witnessing it.

Best of all, this was all “Free of Cost”. No one was charged a penny for the food, stay, travel, first aid care etc..



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