Disgraceful & Shameful Act by Haryana Government Ministers

This is the latest from BJP led Ministers in Haryana State. The headline says it all. All the cases against Ayra Samaji anti-social elements will be withdrawn by the government. This was publically announced by Rambilas Sharma and Om Prakash Dhankad in an Arya Samaji Maha Samellan held in Rohtak, Haryana on 8/2/15.

 Travesty of Justice

If you have “Political Patronage” – Anything is Possible.

The announcement by the Haryana Government Ministers is a direct indication of malicious intent of the government. They are harbouring criminials and protecting them. It is self evident from the events that ensued in May 2013, snap shots of which are evident below.

The Arya Samajis first attacked Satlok Ashram Karontha and later on had a bash with the police. They attacked the ashram in defiance of Supreme Court orders. Police had to be deployed in large numbers to furnish the orders of Supreme Court. This did not deter the Arya Samaji goons. They still gathered in huge numbers and attacked the ashram. They burnt buses, kiosks, ambulance, water tanker and caused grave destruction to public property. The police had to resort to gun fire as they could not control them with cane charging. As a result 3 arya Samaji anti-social elements lost their lives and more than 60 police personnel were injured.

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Arya Samaji attack ashram and police

Villagers / Arya Samajis clash with police in Rohtak

Arya Samaji Acharya directing protestors

Clash in Haryana

Despite all that …. rather than making any arrests, the government has decided to withdraw all cases. What a mockery of a hollow and superficial judicial system this is.

Who can expect justice from such corrupt and futile government and its ministers. Only God can do justice here.

In God’s house there is delay but not denial