Gross Human Right Violation by Haryana Police / BJP Khattar Government

  • Brutal Attack by Police on Unarmed Innocent Peaceful Protesters especially Women & Children sitting out Satlok Ashram Barwala.
  • Handling and beating of women protesters by male police. 
  • Brutal Attack on Media Personnel by Police giving news coverage regarding Satlok Ashram.
  • Inhumane beating of protesters especially male protesters by police in the fields adjacent to Satlok Ashram and later on in the Police Station / Hisar Jail.
  • Illegal detention of around 900 devotees who were randomly captured from Satlok Ashram and their homes in Haryana, Delhi, Punjab, UP etc.

Police Brutality in Full Swing

Police attack innocent women and children. Totally unprovoked. There are no men in sight. There is no one armed in the vicinity. No one is attacking the police and still the police is mercilessly beating the ladies and children. This is what the police did not want the media personnel to capture and hence beat them up as well.

 News from The Tribune – 9/02/2015