Mainstream media believes in yellow journalism and flaunts key words such as “Murder”, “Sedition”, “Conspiracy”, so on and so forth. On hearing or reading the word “Murder”, the first thought that comes to mind is, a person killing another person by means such as shooting, stabbing, strangling, smothering etc. Satguru Rampal Ji Maharaj has also been accused of “Murder”. It is however imperative to know what type of murder charges these are, as these charges are very different to the ones mentioned above. 

There are two different cases where murder charges have been framed on Satguru Rampal Ji Maharaj. Lets understand the context and circumstances whereby these charges have been slammed by the police.

Case 1

In 2006, Arya Samajis attacked Satlok Ashram. The ashram followers were stuck inside the ashram as the ashram was surrounded by the attackers. The Police was present but they protected the attackers. In the ensuing tussle, one of the attacker named “Sonu” died (on main road outside the ashram). He died of bullet wounds. The blame of this death was put on Sant Rampal Ji and thus he was charged with “Murder”

No one knows from where that bullet came. Forensic investigations have proved that the bullet was not fired from the weapons belonging to the ashram. The matter is currently in court.

Case 2

In 2014, Punjab & Haryana High Court summoned Satguru Rampal Ji Maharaj in connection with a “contempt of court” case. Satguru Rampal Ji was unwell and could not attend the hearing. The court then ordered the police to bring Satguru Rampal Ji Maharaj to the court under any circumstances. The followers on the other hand were adamant that they would not let the police take Satguru Rampal Ji forcibly from the ashram to the court as he was unwell. However to fulfil the court orders the police resorted to using force and stormed the ashram. Due to the police action 5 women followers and a child died. The blame of these 6 deaths was put on Sant Rampal Ji and charges of murder were framed on Him.


The readers can see that in both the cases of murder there is no direct or indirect involvement of Satguru Rampal Ji Maharaj. There is no conspiracy or intent to murder in any of the above cases. These are circumstantial deaths occurring primarily due to heavy handedness of the police. 

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