Bullshitting Journalists & their Ludicrous Revelations

False Claim (1) God for Cash Scheme – “Every follower was required to bring in at least three members or a family”

The Reality – All the followers have an innate desire to spread the knowledge given by Satguru Rampal Ji. However there was no stipulation to bring a minimum number of members to the ashram to take naam. Satguru Rampal Ji has always reiterated that this is a path of free will and only those who grasp the knowledge should come and take naam and no one should be forced to take naam.

False Claim (2) Rs.1,000 for the initiation process called Naamdaan, Rs. 9000 for Satnaam, 10,000 or 100,000 for Sarnaam

The RealityNaam daan is totally free. There is no charge of any sort for any stage of naam daan be it the first naam, Satnaam or the Sarnaam. Rather food, stay and other facilities are also free. No one had to pay anything for meals, beddings, medicines etc. The mindless media is uttering and publishing pure garbage.

False Claim (3) Big Cache of Illegal Arms & Ammunition found in the ashram

Various newspapers have reported that 4 revolvers, 1 pistol, 8 double barrels, 5 rifles have been recovered from the ashram. Apparently this is a big cache of arms and ammunition from a place where on an average 50,000 – 60,000 people visit every fortnight and approximately 2000 – 5000 people reside in general. Now the claim has been that the arms are illegal where as the reality is that all the arms found in the ashram have been found to be licensed.

Rather a big cache of food grains, rice, vegetables, onions, pulses, ghee, flour etc and other food items was definitely found in the ashram. The quantity of this is so large that it could be easily termed as “a big cache”. It is so big that the Government is having to auction it.

False Claim (4) Underground tunnels, rooms and bunker (तहखाना)

No underground tunnels, rooms or bunkers were found in the ashram. The media fell flat on their face with their hollow claims of a network of underground tunnels and rooms to be present in the ashram. Nothing of this sort ever existed and henceforth was not found.

False Claim (5) Money was being earned by running a hospital in the ashram & people were being lured to the ashram in the name of medical treatment.

First of all Satlok Ashram had a medical facility offering primary care services. Secondly it was free of cost. The media claims that people were being lured to the ashram in the name of providing them free medical treatment. This claim by the media or the police is baseless. The medical centre only provided treatment for those who were attending the ashram on first aid basis. In the video below Satguru Rampal Ji actually says clearly that there is no need to come to the ashram if someone is coming solely for getting rid of medical ailments.

False Claim (6) Sant Rampal Ji was running businesses such as transport companies, real estate, investing in share markets, leasing coal mines etc.

Satguru Rampal Ji had no time to do any such things. He was in the ashram all the time and His daily routine was to meet disciples which used to consume many hours and do satsang on scheduled dates. Satguru Rampal Ji Maharaj never went outside the ashram apart from attending court hearings. All these claims by the media / police are unfounded. There is no truth in any of the media statements and the police hasn’t been able to find any evidence to support their allegations.

All the donations received by the ashram were spent on providing food (bhandara), beddings, transportation of devotees to and from bus / railway stations and other facilities like electricity, water, milk, medicines etc. This is an unprecedented example of an ashram providing everything free to its devotees. This is evident from the reserves of stored eatables found in the ashram amounting to over 7700 kg of desi ghee, 31000 kg of sugar, 500 bags of flour, 900 kg of tea besides huge quantities of pulses, rice, vegetables, biscuits etc.

Satguru Rampal Ji has followers from all over India and abroad who are in various professions. If any of Satguru Rampal Ji’s followers has a transport or real estate business then it does not mean that Satguru Rampal Ji is running them. To say that Satguru Rampal Ji is running all these businesses is a clear cut conspiracy to implicate Him in false & fabricated cases.

If the aim of Satguru Rampal Ji had been to run a business or earn money, then there would have been a charge for everything be it food, stay, medicines or naam-dan as is the case in ashrams of other Gurus in India. It clearly shows that Satguru Rampal Ji’s sole aim was welfare of the people and to impart them true spiritual knowledge based upon our Holy Scriptures and the path to complete salvation. He treated all his disciples like his children and provided them with the best facilities possible. That was the only reason for buying more land as the current ashram had proved insufficient to accommodate the number of devotees flocking the ashram during satsang days.

Some of the hindi news daily need a special mention. Their claims are extraordinary and  exudes cheap and tatty journalism. Some of the sensational claims they have made are as follows and are truly ludicrous.

21/11/14 – Amar Ujala – रामपाल के रूम में होती थी प्रेगनेंसी की जांच – The journalist has written it with such conviction as if they have had their pregnancy tests done in that very room.

21/11/14 – Amar Ujala – एक झटके में पूरे शहर को उड़ा सकता था रामपाल – Wonder what the so called journalist was thinking when writing this headline as if weapons of mass destruction were found in the ashram.

25/11/14 – Amar Ujala – ‘देशद्रोही’ रामपाल को जेल में वीआईपी ट्रीटमेंट – May be eating dal and roti whilst sitting on the floor of a cold room without light is considered to be a VIP treatment by the journalist. Wonder what condition is the journalist living in.

25/11/14 – Amar Ujala – कारोबारियों के करोड़ों डकार गए ‘संत’ रामपाल – The journalist seems to be deeply hurt as if he / she has suffered a personal financial loss.

There are many more such stupid claims by these nescient so called journalists which only degrades the credibility of their profession and bring it into a disrepute. But the bottom line is “as long as the news sells … they don’t care!”

The police and the media have tried their best but nothing has been found in the ashram. The lockers were empty. The police even searched the water tankers but didn’t find anything. They didn’t find anything wrong in the Betul ashram.

There is nothing to be found. Only philanthropic activities were conducted in the ashram. The only crime is that the followers of Satlok Ashram were protesting against injustice. Their only demand was a CBI enquiry into the cases but instead of resorting to this easy solution, the administration / judiciary chose to cause carnage.

The media has played a biased role so far. The media must have seen on Satguru Rampal Ji’s website that he has questioned the knowledge of all the renowned Gurus/saints through Adhyatmik Gyan charcha. He has even exposed the knowledge of Dr Zakir Naik, but media doesn’t have the courage to show the true spiritual knowledge Satguru Rampal ji is imparting. They are only interested in negative masala. What a degradation of the profession.

A True Saint has been put in Jail and criminals are allowed to roam freely.