Unnecessarily Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj has been dragged in this so called “Contempt of Court” case

  • Sant Rampal Das Ji Maharaj has been framed in many false cases. Out of those, one case (198/2006) pertains to the dispute of Karontha Ashram.
  • In this case, on date 12-02-2014, Session Judge Rohtak granted “Permanent Exemption from Appearance”. See court orders Hazri-Mafi-Order-12-02-2014.
  • Then on 06-06-2014, the Session Judge himself cancelled the Exemption from Appearance in court and ordered Sant Rampal Das Ji Maharaj to appear in court on 14-07-2014.
  • Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj was to appear in Rohtak court but this was changed to Hisar court at the last hour.
  • As per the orders of the Court, Sant Rampal Ji registered his presence via the means of video conferencing room in Hisar Court.
  • Members of Rashtriya Samaj Sewa Samiti (RSSS) held a demonstration against corruption in Rohtak and Hisar, and appointed some devotees to provide protection to Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj. These were dressed in black attire so that they could be easily distinguished and would stand out in case an outsider tried to enter the security ring.
  • A few security guards went inside the court room with Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj.
  • Lawyers in Hisar court had suspended work on that particular day due to some reason.
  • Some lawyers forced their way in to the video conference room and started abusing Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj. These were turned out by the RSSS security guards.
  • The lawyers and the bar association in protest went on strike. They approached the Chief Justice to file a case against Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj otherwise they threatened not call off their strike.
  • Superintendent of Police (SP) Hisar also testified that nothing unlawful was done by Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj or the members of RSSS.
  • On 22-07-2014 a double bench of High Court Judges (Honourable Rajive Bhalla and Amol Ratan Singh) framed a case of Contempt of Court (CROCP Cr. No. 12/2014) and ordered Sant Rampal Ji to present his side either himself or via an affidavit through his counsel.
  • Sant Rampal Ji made clear via an affidavit that he did not call any disciple to come to Hisar or Rohtak. Rather they had come themselves to get his audience. Over there whatever demonstration was held, was done by RSSS which was being led by Master Ram Kumar Dhaka.
  • High Court ordered President of RSSS to present his side by appearing in the court. RSSS President clarified in an affidavit that the demonstration against corruption that was held in Rohtak and Hisar, and the decision of arrangement of security that was done by the members of RSSS was achieved unanimously by the mutual consent of all 10 lakh members.

Still the Judges insisted that Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj be present in the court.

Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj have been falsely framed in this case.