Haryana Police – An Utter Disgrace

lawyers attack

Although this is a generalisation and it does not apply to everyone who works in the police force but these days some people have become so reprehensible that they not only bring a disgrace to their profession but also to mankind. Such has been the behaviour of the Police lately especially in Hisar and Rohtak, and it seems that the lawyers have joined them too. This has been evident in the news lately where the police and the lawyers alike have resorted to manhandling other people, and that too in the court premises, on this occasion in Rohtak Court premises.

The Indian Police has a bad reputation anyway as they have no regard for human rights when they go about doing their work, but the mere fact that the lawyers did the same is deplorable. It is a shame that the so called protectors of the law can resort to taking law in their own hands and make a mockery of the Indian Judiciary. What one can expect from such lawyers is questionable.

Disciples of Sant Rampal Ji only come to have a glimpse of their Revered Guruji

Everyone very well knows that the disciples of Satguru Rampal Ji Maharaj have only one motive and that is to see their Guru as they regard Him as God. They come in great numbers but only to try their luck to get a glimpse of their revered Guruji. They stand there calmly. They maintain moral conduct, they maintain peace, they don’t torch public property, they don’t cause public damage, they are not wielding bricks or bats or sticks and they are in no mood to fight with anyone. They are men, women and children with varied age groups and are simply there to do just one thing. They do it and then go back. Nothing less, nothing more. They do not disrupt law and order.

But despite all this, the police still has an issue with them. They still resort to abuse, assault, battery, even cane charging unnecessarily. It seems they have a personal grudge against them just because they happen to be the disciples of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj. The police behaviour is so despicable that it depicts their cheap & low mentality.

Police derives pleasure out of their ghastly actions


It is a simple issue of crowd control but the police has no idea how to go about executing it. They deliberately harass the people. This is not just the case with disciples of Satguru Rampal Ji. It is ubiquitous in India. They just don’t have that skill and training to deal with people humanely. They have the most obnoxious language and they manhandle people as if they were their own property. They have no idea about issues like “Battery” & “Assault”. They go about causing bodily harm without giving any concern to whether they are children or women. The worst thing of all is that the police seems to derive pleasure from it and feels proud about their actions and some dirty Indian media houses very blatantly publish it in their newspapers in the very same lingo which too is utterly disgraceful. Why they have to do it the brutal way is incomprehensible. In one word they are just “incompetent” when it comes to tactics about crowd control.

Human Life has no value in India

It is very apparent that the police are deliberately trying to play with the feelings of the disciples for the completion of their ulterior motive and satisfying their ego. The police misuses their power as they have no accountability under the corrupt Indian Judicial system and the state. What is the point in boasting about a country and falsely depicting it to be a developing nation to the outer world when the police force in India seems to be a bunch of uncivilized savages who don’t give a damn to the value of a human life.

They dream of matching the western nations and it might come as a surprise to them that even animals like dogs and cats are treated in a far better way in the western nations compared to what the police does to humans in India.