Who is the network“. This question is lately appearing again and again in the media. How are disciples of Satguru Rampal Ji getting the messages about future hearings of their revered Guruji?

First of all, this question can only be a brainchild of some dumb-ass. It is difficult to buy the argument that the police can ask such a dumb question. The police is corrupt but they are not dimwits. After all, the IPS officers have gone through some rigorous entry criteria to become officers, which is not child’s play. On the other hand it is expected of some so called journalists, who are capable of asking such stupid questions which is also evident from their poor level of reporting in general.

The Police often knows more than they portray, and conceal information on purpose and rightly so, rather than reveal it all to the loud-mouthed and stupid media. The media coverage of terrorist attack on Taj Hotel in Mumbai is a living testimony to the idiotic actions of the media whereby they were giving a near accurate movement of the Indian defence forces to the enemy who were then planning their movements based on media reports which made the job of the Indian soldiers a lot more difficult.

Now lets come to the question – Who is the Network?.

The media (TV and Newspapers) itself is the network. Each time they write a report about Satguru Rampal Ji and inform the public about court hearings and proceedings, they publish the next court date in their very own newspaper. Now does it take rocket science to answer this dumb question. Moreover the government website lists each and every case, court orders and future dates. All this information is available freely in the public domain.

The next dumb question the media asks is – How is it that the locals don’t have any inkling about the hearing of Satguru Rampal Ji whereas disciples from far flung places like Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh etc. throng the city?

Again the answer is very simple, the locals have nothing to do with Satguru Rampal Ji, so they are least concerned about when the next hearing is. Whereas the disciples of Satguru Rampal Ji who consider their Guruji as their Father / God keep a watch on every movement and hearing so that they can get a chance to have a glimpse of their revered Guruji. Hence forth they appear in large numbers before the said date. Moreover they want to know about the court proceedings, decisions, orders as all of them are eager for their Guruji to come out of judicial custody and go back to the ashram. Hence they enquire about it from other disciples at every opportunity they get. Now again, does it take a lot to answer this stupid question.

Advice to the depraved Media

The media rather than displaying their imprudence by asking stupid questions should concentrate on reporting the facts and also stop imposing their own stupidity on other institutions like the police.