Welfare Activities

Dowry Free Society

Dowry is a curse on human society. It is an unnecessary burden on the family of a daughter to give gifts in the form of money, clothes, jewellery etc at the time of marriage of their daughter. This is the biggest cause of decreasing child sex ratio and killing of girls after marriage in India. People believed daughters to be a curse because of the culture of dowry. This has brought distress in the entire society. Satguru Rampal Ji Maharaj has eradicated this evil vice from amongst His disciples.

What can be any greater dowry than someone giving their daughter to someone else after bringing her up for 18 years. Therefore, one should never take or give dowry. Wherever God has destined, marriage will definitely take place there. No power can stop it.

The followers of Saint Rampal Ji have been actively working towards the Dowry Free Society since the year 1998 with their initiative named ‘Ramaini’. This initiative was started by Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj in which when the girl and the boy and their families are ready, their marriage is done by reciting Asurnikandan Ramaini, that is, Guruvani which is of 17 minutes. There is no extravagance, no DJs, no Baraat and no gathering of relatives. Only the main family members of the families are invited. After the marriage, registration is necessary to be done in their respective districts. There is absolutely no giving and taking of dowry. To date, there have been over 20,000 dowry free marriages conducted.

Narcotics free Society

De-Addiction (from alcohol, tobacco, hemp, poppy husk, cannabis, opium and other intoxicants) is the foremost rule to be followed by the one who wants to get connected with Satlok Ashram. There are around 1 crore followers of Saint Rampal Ji who are totally free from any type of intoxication. They are forbidden to even help others in consuming tobacco, hookah, alcohol, and other intoxicants.

The Indian Government has opened several Drug de-addiction centres but they are not successful in fulfilling the objective. On the other hand, Saint Rampal Ji is doing this absolutely free of cost by giving the true devotion of God Kabir.

In addition to this, the organization is actively working towards spreading awareness about the harmful effects of intoxication and how it is causing pollution, obstruction in the spiritual path and moral devaluation. Many protests and rallies have been organized which demanded that there should be a complete ban on tobacco and alcohol.

Blood Donation Camps

Every year, there are over 2 million deaths worldwide because of lack of blood.
To reduce this number and for the welfare of mankind, the followers of Saint Rampal Ji keep organising Blood donation camps. These camps are organised all over India. Thousands of units of blood are donated free of cost by the devotees of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj. The most amazing fact about this blood donation is that the blood is 100 percent free from any intoxicants as the devotees of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj do not consume any narcotics, drugs or tobacco. The disciples of Saint Rampal Ji have also announced that they are always ready to donate blood to the soldiers whenever needed.