Satlok Ashram preaches the knowledge taught by Saint Rampal Ji, and based on that, is constantly working towards reforming the society. The organisation believes that the knowledge given by Saint Rampal Ji is the sole way to end unrest in the Society. For this reason, it follows and promotes the initiatives founded by Saint Rampal Ji, like “Ramaini”, which shuns the extravagance and the dowry system practised during marriages. Satlok Ashram is strictly against the dowry system. In fact, there is a rule that those who got their Naam finished due to giving or accepting dowry, don’t get re-initiated. 

As told by Saint Rampal Ji in His Spiritual Sermons, Satlok Ashram also works towards raising awareness among people about the importance of a Human Life and the Shelter of a True Guru. Satlok Ashram preaches that the main aim of a Human Life is to attain Salvation by doing the Scripture-based way of Worship. And, every Human Breath is precious; it must not be wasted. Hence, one needs to listen to the Spiritual Sermons delivered by Saint Rampal Ji as much as possible, and once one is sure that the knowledge told by Saint Rampal Ji is correct, one needs to take initiation as soon as possible.

There are also certain other rules that are to be followed in order to join the Ashram. The first rule is that one must abide by the code of conduct of worship laid by Saint Rampal Ji forever. The devotees joining the Ashram must never consume any type of intoxicants or meat, neither have to favour others in consuming such things in any way. On violating any rule, the Naam of the devotee gets finished, then one doesn’t get the benefits from God. Then, one has to take initiation from Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj again. Like on violating any rule of electricity, the supply gets disconnected, then, one has to get the connection again. For the attainment of God, abiding by the rules of worship is compulsory. Like when a player violates any rule of a game, he is ejected. Similarly, these are the rules for the attainment of God.

Along with this, one has to worship one, the Supreme God, only. The worship of other demigods and chanting other Mantras, being Scripture-opposed, are prohibited. The devotees who followed the rules have experienced unforeseen benefits.

The Tatvdarshi Saint, about whom Kaal/Satan has stated in Geeta Ji Adhyay 4 Sloka 34, Yajurved Adhyay 49 Mantra 10, Quran 25:59, is Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj. He has done the intense study of the Hoy Books, and by possessing the power of True Worship and becoming the Favored of God has reinforced the slogans:-

Our race is living being, mankind is our religion|

Hindu Muslim Sikh Christian, there is no separate religion||

Hindu Muslim Sikh Isai, aapas mein can bhai bhai|

Aarya jaini or bishnoi, ek Prabhu ke bache soyi||


That Supreme God is Kabir who created the nature in six days and rested on the throne the seventh day as mentioned in the Bible. His names are Kavirdev in Sanskrit; Kabiran, Khabiran, Kabira, Khabira in Arabic; Satkabir in common Hindi language; and Hakka Kabir in the Persian language. He has a body which is not made up of the vascular system or 5 elements but of Tej/Noor(Light). His Body is self-illuminated like a diamond; that’s why He is also called ‘Svarjyoti’. His one hair follicle has more brightness than the brightness crores of suns and crores of moons together. He descended, along with His body, in a pond in a child’s form nearly 600 years ago, and lived a life of a common man and a weaver for 120 years, then ascended to Satlok with His body. He preached His knowledge by means of proverbs as mentioned in Samved Sankhya 1400.

After gaining the knowledge imparted by Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj, the desire for materialistic pleasures will end, and God will fulfil all the worldly requirements of the devotee. God will provide happiness for the whole life, and after death, one will attain salvation and on reaching Satlok, will get an immortal body of brightness equivalent to 16 suns and eternal family also which will never be lost because the body there is eternal. The cycle of birth and death will end forever.