Spiritual Books

There are many spiritual books available at Satlok Ashram written by Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj.

The real spiritual knowledge in these books directs Humans towards universal brotherhood and ethical way of living. These books have gained universal acceptance because of authentic knowledge. Some of the Books also discuss the accuracy of prophecies of the Foretellers from all around the world which perfectly fit on Saint Rampal Ji to be the extraordinary Spiritual leader who will reunite the world and direct everyone on the path of true worship. 

Most popular of these Books are:

way of livingJeene Ki Raah

Jeene Ki Raah (Way of Living) was first published in 2014. This book is written by Saint Rampal Ji Himself. Jeene Ki Raah tells the easier way to live life. The Book also tells the importance of Devotion towards God, Shelter of a Guru, and Satsang. This Book has been downloaded more than 5 million times from the official website and is highly appreciated by the readers.

Gyan Ganga

Gyan Ganga was first published in 2008 in the name of “Bhakti Saudagar ko Sandesh” (Message to the Trader of Devotion). But because of some people having an issue with the name, the name was changed to “Gyan Ganga” (The River of Knowledge). The Book is a collection of some of the Spiritual Discourses of Saint Rampal Ji. The knowledge from all the renowned Holy Books attracts the readers. The Book also contains the answers to all the thirteen questions written on the Pamphlet distributed during Pustak Sewa. Some unknown known facts like the incarnations of Kabir God, the story of Jagannath Temple are also written in it. Majority of the disciples of Saint Rampal Ji have come in His shelter after reading this Book only.