Giving true spiritual knowledge based on Holy scriptures is the foremost objective of Saint Rampal Ji. Satlok Ashram is the centre for achieving complete salvation. Spiritual discourses are organised from time to time. Along with this, spiritual discourses are organised in villages, towns, jails and schools. People in large number come to listen to discourses. After the completion of discourse, there is a facility of taking free initiation from Saint Rampal ji Maharaj.

Pustak Sewa

Like, Satsang, Pustak Sewa (religious service of distributing Books to like-minded people often by selling them) is also organised from time to time and in almost all localities and occasions. The main books that are distributed are Gyan Ganga, Jeene Ki Raah, and Geeta Tera Gyan Amrit. Along with books, pamphlets containing thirteen questions and certain details, are also distributed during Pustak Sewa.

In another form of Pustak Sewa, orders are taken through social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. No charges have to be paid for the orders so taken. The desired Book is delivered to the person free-of-cost.