Bodh Diwas

Bodh Diwas celebrates the initiation day of Saint Rampal Ji. Saint Rampal Ji got initiated on 17th February 1988 by His Venerable Gurudev Swami Ramdevanand Ji. It was the new moon day of the Phalgun month of Hindu Calendar. The day was celebrated by holding a 5-day long Paath. Saint Rampal Ji used to deliver Spiritual Discourses two-times a day. This day is not celebrated after the Barwala incident.

When Is Satguru Rampal Ji Maharaj Bodh Divas?

According to the Gregorian Calendar, 17th February is the special day commemorated as Satguru Rampal Ji Maharaj Bodh Divas. On 17th February 1988, Saint Rampal Ji got initiation from His Venerable Gurudev Swami Ramdevanand Ji Maharaj. It was the new moon day of the Phalgun month of Hindu Calendar. At that time, Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj was 37 years old.

What Is Bodh Diwas?

The Initiation Day is the spiritual birthday of the devotee in SantMat. The Supreme God Kabir Saheb says, that day is the auspicious one when a seeker found the Satguru and took name-Initiation, all other days before initiation were useless,

Kabir, Ja din Sataguru bhentiya, Ta din lekhe jaan|
Baakee samay ganva diya, Bina Guru ke Gyaan||

When a seeker comes at the Refuge of a Satguru, he transforms into a deity instead of a human by accepting His Knowledge. That day is a special day of his life because on that day the seeker understands the real purpose of life. This day is called Bodh Diwas because of the true realization of human birth.

Kabir, Balihaaree Guru Aapana, Ghadee ghadee sau sau baar|
Maanush se devata kiya, Karat na laee vaar||

Brief Spiritual Journey of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj

Born on 8th September 1951 Saint Rampal Ji served the Government of Haryana for 18 years. After receiving name-Initiation, He fully devoted Himself to the Way of Worship directed by Swami Ramdevanand Ji

Highly contented with His spiritual Advancement, Swami Ramdevananda Ji Maharaj, in 1993, asked Him to deliver Spiritual Discourses. Then, in 1994, Swami Ramdevanand Ji assigned Him the responsibility of a Guru empowering Him for bestowing name initiation.

With His restless work, Saint Rampal Ji enlightened a number of devotees. He spread the true knowledge of SatBhakti in the public. Many took His Shelter and quitting all the vices, performed SatBhakti as prescribed by Him to experience the unforeseen benefits from God.

True Devotion (SatBhakti) Given by Saint Rampal Ji

The Bodh Divas celebration is an opportunity for the disciples and the devotees to rejuvenate their minds with the True Devotion. At the occasion, Satguru Rampal Ji Maharaj’s Sermons were a complete revision of the spiritual Discourse of Eternal Knowledge (Tatvgyan). According to the preaching of Sant Rampal Ji, the disciples are supposed to perform four spiritual practices to attain God:


  1.  Path (Studying a Holy Book)
  2. Yagna (Religious Practice)
  3. Tap (Practice to align senses to true devotion)
  4. Jap (Recitation of Satnaam/ Sarnaam)

Satguru Rampal Ji has given a lot of emphasis on five Yagnas in addition to the recitation of Satnaam/ Sarnaam:

a. Dharm: (Endowment, Donation)
b. Dhyan (Remembrance/Meditation on the qualities of Supreme God)
c. Havan (Lighting Ghee – cotton lamp)
d. Gyan (Knowledge in Sermons)
e. Pranam (Prostrating in reverence)

The Supreme God Kabir Saheb said that no endowment gives benefits without a Guru,

Kabir, Guru bin maala pherate, Guru bin dete daan|
Guru bin donon nishphal hai, Poochho ved puraan||

Key Teachings for the Devotees of Saint Rampal Ji

The Satguru Rampal Ji Maharaj Ji preaches against the hypocrisy in the people in the name of caste, religion, and creed. He directs the devotees’ way of thinking completely in the direction of the True Devotion. Here are some of the key teachings of Saint Rampal Ji:

• All human beings have come from the Eternal Abode and that is their only destination.
• Supreme God Kabir is omnipotent and fearless devotees have no dependence on the physical world.
• Sing the glories, practice SatBhakti, and realize unity with Supreme God.
• No austerity is greater than truth and no sin greater than falsehood.
• Purity in thought, word, and action is necessary to attain God-realization.
• Universal and unconditional love for all creatures.
• Attain absolute freedom from worldly bondage, clutches of Maya, and passions out of desires.
• Our cast is creature species, and our religion is humanitarian. No religion is different viz Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, or Christians.
Jeev hamaaree jaatee hai, Maanav dharm hamaara|
Hindu Muslim Sikh Isai, Dharm nahin koee nyaara||
• The devotee becomes strong-minded to promote equality, moral values, good conduct, and denounce social evils like dowry, untouchability, gender-biased, consuming intoxicants, and nonvegetarian food.
• Superstitions, pilgrimages, worship of idols, deities, or deceased ancestors (Pitras) are prohibited.

How Is Bodh Diwas Celebrated?

Satguru Rampal Ji Maharaj Bodh Divas is celebrated on 17th February with a 5-day long Paath at Barwala Ashram. Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj used to deliver Satsang in the morning and evening hours. 17-minute collective weddings, popularly known among the devotees as Ramaini, are performed without the dowry and other wasteful expenditures during the Bodh Diwas observance.