Satlok Ashram Barwala – November 2014 – Facts about False Cases framed on Sant Rampal Ji

Excerpt from “Barwala Ki Ghatna Ki Sachai (The Truth about the Barwala Incident)” (Pg 12-16)


On 17/11/2014, the Hisar Administration told the High Court Judges that there are approximately 70 thousand followers including children, old people and women in Satlok Ashram. In such a state, there can be a significant loss of life and property on executing the order of the Court; some more time should be given.

But before the dogmatism of the Judges, on 18/11/2014 the government started the proceedings of arresting Sant Rampal Ji by beating and driving away innocent children, old and sick people. The Police, C.R.P.F., and R.A.F. tortured them by ruthlessly cane-charging, throwing excessive amounts of tear gas bombs, tear gas shells, and by continuously firing cold water from a water cannon in the cold weather. As a result of this, 5 women and one child died. Even then, they did not succeed.

On 19/11/2014, the period of bed rest advised by the doctor ended & Sant Rampal Ji himself surrendered to the Police.

Please think: – Members of Rashtriya Samaj Sewa Samiti, who were also disciples of Sant Rampal Das ji, wearing a black dress, were peacefully standing on the 40 feet high shed of the ashram, holding a flag of “Satya Sahib” (True God), a symbol of their Kabir Panth, on a stick, and were hailing their Guru Ji Rampal Ji and were praying to God for the recovery of their Guru Ji. They knew that the Police will not use coercion. The members of the Rashtriya Samaj Sewa Samiti and their families were peacefully demonstrating against corruption on the main gate of the ashram and on both sides of the road.

Act of Barbarism

On 18/11/2014 at approximately 12:30 pm, the Police Force all of a sudden attacked Satlok Ashram Barwala, and wreaked havoc. Many old men and women were permanently living in the Ashram. Many families used to send their children to school from Satlok Ashram. Many sick people had also come to listen to the Satsang. They beat everyone and drove them away from the ashram.

Later, to defame the Saint, the Police themselves placed wrong objects and did vicious propaganda in the media. If those objects and rumours were true, the Police should have presented them in the Court at the time of the Challan. Whereas, the Police later beat all the devotees and writing fabricated stories, made them sign them. They concocted a strange story in which the witnesses are also devotees and accused are also devotees, and formed the case of sedition, Case no. 428/14 PS Barwala, which is a pack of lies. And our devotee sisters who died in the Police action, the Police imposed their case 302 PC also on our devotees. This is called an act of barbarism and accumulation of sins by inflicting injustice, tyranny and misusing power over sinless and innocent devotees.

Now the new atrocity of 18/11/2014 proved even the previous tyranny to be less. Seven (7) false cases have been framed on Sant Rampal Ji and his followers. Sant Rampal Ji has been included in 5 cases- Case no. 426, 427, 428, 429, 443.

Case No. 428, Case of Sedition, is False

On 20/11/2014, the High Court asked the D.G. Haryana to present an affidavit in which the Government should tell how many weapons were recovered from the Ashram.

On 28/11/2014, D.G. Police Haryana told in the affidavit that

Whatever weapons have been recovered from Satlok Ashram Barwala, Hisar are all licensed. No unlicensed weapon has been recovered from the ashram.

Then the High Court asked for a report from the government on how many Police and Army officials have been injured. How many have been injured by gunshots?

A Medical Report of all the injured people of the Force was submitted to the Court and it was told that nobody has been injured by gunshots. They have been injured by stones. The D.G. Police Haryana also told this in the High Court that there were no illegal activities in the Ashram.

The High Court accused the Haryana Government that it has joined hands with Baba Rampal. Therefore, the High Court even called for the report of the (I.B) Intelligence Bureau conducted by the Central Government which is considered to be completely true. On reading the report, the court found that it was written in the report that,

Along with the Government some judges are also doing injustice to Sant Rampal and his followers. From 12 July 2006 to 2014, they have not received any justice. They have written books “Sach Banaam Jhooth”, “Nyayalya Ki Girti Garima” and “Bhrasht Judge Kumarg Par”. All the incidents written in them are self-certified. Evidence have been given in them by writing order numbers of all the Courts along with a photocopy, in which there is not even a speck of lie. These are completely religious people.

After reading this report of I.B. (Intelligence Bureau) the face of the judge was worth looking at. His anger had vanished. A bit embarrassed, he asked, “Where does Baba Rampal want to get all his cases transferred from Rohtak? It will be transferred within the jurisdiction of Punjab-Haryana High Court.” He gave this order.

The F.I.R. of Case No. 426/14 P.S. Barwala

This was filed on 17/11/2014. It is written in it that

On date 17/11/2014 the Station Officer Barwala with some of the Force, standing at a distance of 400 metres (1250 feet = 6.5 Acres) from the Satlok Ashram, was briefing the Force. When he was going to Sant Rampal for the execution of the NBW (Non-Bailable Warrant) issued by the High Court, the followers of Sant Rampal caused obstruction in the official duty, showed criminal force and making hundreds of followers sit in front of the Ashram spoiled the whole situation. Due to not following the order of the Honourable High Court, offence 332/353/186 has been committed.

We appeal to the wise citizens of India that the High Court had issued Non-Bailable Warrant for the arrest of Sant Rampal Das Ji on 05/11/14. The Police came to execute it on 17/11/2014. Prior to this, from 05/11/2014 to 10/11/14, an order was given to present Sant Rampal Ji in the Court. From 10/11/14 to 17/11/14 another order to present him was issued.

Please think: – Neither did the Police come from 05/11/2014 to 10/11/2014 to execute the order, nor came from 10/11/2014 to 16/11/2014 to execute the order. If for 12 days, the Station Officer Barwala had come for execution of the order of the High Court, and the followers of the Sant Rampal Ji had opposed, then an F.I.R of that would have also been filed.

Similarly, on 17/11/2014, the Station Master Barwala or any other Police Officer did not come to Satlok Ashram to execute the order of the High Court because they knew about the whole situation. This F.I.R. is just a fabricated story.

Nevertheless, Sant Rampal Ji’s name should not have been included in the case.

It is written in the F.I.R. that the followers of Sant Rampal caused obstruction in the implementation of the order of the High Court; therefore, it is an offence under the abovementioned sections. There is no mention of Sant Rampal’s name, then how did he cause obstruction? They even implicated Sant Rampal in this case by making him guilty. Judge Shri Prateek Jain without seeing anything even sent Sant Rampal Ji on remand!

False Case no. 427/14 dated 18/11/2014 P.S. Barwala, District Hisar

It is written in the F.I.R. of this case that

today on date 18/11/2014, at 09:30 a.m. a phone call came from phone number 9050620338 on Hisar Police Control Room’s telephone number 237-150 that I am calling from Sant Rampal Maharaj’s Ashram, and I am his follower. I and many other people want to come out of the Ashram, but 30-40 devotees are not letting us come out. We have been held captive.

Please think:There is no mention of Sant Rampal Ji’s name in this. Even then, Sant Rampal Ji has been implicated in this too. Along with the Challan, the Police have submitted the call detail of the phone number of the complainant in the Court. In it, there is no call from the phone of the complainant to the phone number 237-150 of the Police. The call detail of 18/11/2014, from 05:30 in the morning till 09:30 in the evening, has been attached with the Challan in the Court. There has been no phone call during this time.

Even then, Judge Shri Prateek Jain framed the charges in the case; whereas, the law states that the same day the case should have been dismissed. This is a baseless case. Atleast, Sant Rampal Ji’s name should have been removed. This is injustice of the Judge.

False Case no. 429/2014 dated 19/11/2014 P.S. Barwala, District Hisar

This F.I.R. has been filed in the name of a devotee Shivpal, whose wife had died due to the havoc caused by the Police. The devotee has given an affidavit. He has stated that

The Police took my signature on a blank piece of paper. They said that we have to give you your wife’s dead body.

Due to the abominable, barbaric acts of the Police of lathi-charging, firing endless tear gas shells and rocket bombs, excessively firing water cannon for 4 hours in the cold weather, six devotees (5 women and one two and a half years old child) of the ashram got killed. Amongst them, one was Sarita, wife of Shivpal, from Delhi, who was also killed.

The Police lied to Shri Shiv Pal and took his signature on a blank piece of paper saying that we have to give you your wife’s dead body. Therefore, we have to do some paperwork. Later on, making it an application, registering F.I.R No. 429/14 dated 19/11/2014, filed a false case against Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj and other some other devotees and some devotee sisters and mothers.

When devotee Shiv Pal ji learnt about it, he gave an affidavit in the Court, in which he wrote that my wife and other five died on 18/11/2014 due to the cruel proceedings of the Police. We had voluntarily gone to listen to the Satsang, and had stayed back to get a sight of Guru ji.

Likewise, F.I.R No. 430/14 P.S. Barwala dated 19/11/2014 is also false.

This has been filed for the death of Rajni, wife of Suresh. In both the F.I.R.s, it is written that

On advice of Sant Rampal, his followers (names of some have been written) shut some women and children in a hall; the hall, in which the women who lived permanently in the ashram used to stay, which is adjacent to Sant Rampal Ji’s residence. All those women and children wanted to go out of the Ashram. To stop them from going outside, they were forcibly kept in that hall. As a result of which, due to suffocation 5 women and one child died.

Charging Sections 302, 120-B etc., the police made Sant Rampal Ji along with many devotees and devotee sisters guilty.

Special request: – It is a request to the gentlemen that the Police have shown autocracy here. Even if we believe that those devotee sisters were shut in a room so that they cannot go outside the ashram, and they died due to suffocation, then also the intention was not to kill them. Due to this also, Section 302 does not apply.

If in F.I.R 430 Sant Rampal Ji does not come under 120-B, then he does not even come in F.I.R. 429. This false case was framed because the Police wanted to hide their mistake.

In F.I.R No. 429, Police declared Sant Rampal Ji guilty; in F.I.R. 430, innocent.

If the Judge will think with the intention of justice, then with this argument both the F.I.R.s should be quashed. Both the cases should be dismissed.

There is no need to listen to an argument from a lawyer. The room, about which the police have concocted a story that the devotees were held in it, is approximately 60 feet long and 18 feet wide. There is a nearly 100 feet long and 60 feet wide courtyard in front of it and at the back, there is a 10 feet gallery and an empty field. There are three gates in that hall. There are four window grills (5 feet wide, 5 feet high) on one side, and of the same number and size on the other side, and above each window grill and gate, there are 5 feet wide and 1.5 feet high ventilators. One gate goes towards the bathrooms.

It is our request to the intelligent people of India that see that hall with your own eyes. You will come to know that let alone one night, no matter how many days you keep that room chock-a-block, one cannot die of suffocation.

However the truth is that nobody was held captive in it anyway.

Case No. 443/14 Police Station (P.S.) Barwala dated 28/11/2014

In this, Sections 420 and 120-B have been imposed on Sant Rampal Ji and the devotees. In this, it is written that: –

407 empty and filled gas cylinders were found which were of different gas agencies. Their papers were not found, so framed the cases.

We, devotees, want to say for this that: – The Ashram’s Langar (Kitchen) is run by the donation of the devotees. Someone brings a churn or tin of ghee; we empty it and give it back. Someone brings a churn of milk. Someone brings a gas cylinder. When they become empty, they take them back while leaving after the Satsang. At that time, the Police had surrounded the Ashram from all sides. Nobody was allowed to take anything out. Due to which those empty and filled cylinders of the devotees were kept in the Ashram. Cases were framed for them too.

After a few days, on 05/12/2014, in this very F.I.R 443, the Police also added the approximately 11 thousand litres of diesel found in the Ashram. Actually, this diesel was filled in the tanks of the buses of the Ashram. There are more than 30 buses. The tank of one bus can store around 200-500 litres of diesel in it. Some diesel was consumed during the running of the buses. The Police took the diesel out of the fuel tanks of the buses and put it in the large pots, woks kept in the Ashram and in the drums in which diesel was stocked during the Satsang to burn the clay-ovens, and in the tanker in which the diesel was brought from the petrol pump, to frame a false case. Even now the fuel tanks of those buses are empty, and those buses are still in the custody of the Police.

It is clear from this that all the cases that the Police have framed against Sant Rampal Ji and his followers are false.