Ghastly Police Actions & Gross Violation of Human Rights

In November 2014 everyone watched on their television sets the unfolding of the police action during the peaceful protest by the disciples of Satguru Rampal Ji at Satlok Ashram Barwala. However what everyone heard and saw was only a one sided story because the media was not able to show the other side of the story.

Why could the media not show the dreadful Police Brutality?

The media personnels were the first to receive the onslaught of the dreadful police action as the police launched its offensive on the peacefully protesting Satlok Ashram followers. The media personnel were badly beaten by the police. Their cameras were seized and destroyed. They sustained fractured limbs, gashes and cuts at the hands of the police and were thus prevented from showing the actual story which would have put the institution of police to shame. Following this incident the media was only allowed to report from a distance.

The Untold Story. What the Media & the General Public has not seen.

The media was not able to show the full scale ghastly police attack on the ashram & gross human rights violation.


  • The media was not able to telecast the police brutality whereby they mercilessly beat up men, women and children protesting at the ashram gate.
  • The media could not show that at least 7 – 8 policemen inhumanely thrashed a disciple each with sticks until they were rendered unconscious or near dead and then dragged them on roads and fields like animals.
  • The media could not show that policemen beat ladies with sticks and dragged them in to fields, at times toppling them over walls or pavements without showing any concern for their age.
  • The media could not show the multiple JCB machines mowing down walls to gain entry in to the ashram without showing any concern for the people standing on or behind those very walls.
  • The media could not show the indiscriminate firing of tear gas shells at the disciples by the police for hours on end.
  • The media could not show that the ashram followers pelted stones on the police in self defence. The ashram followers in order to to keep police away from the ashram had to resort to stone pelting otherwise the police would have killed many many more disciples had they been allowed to continue.
  • The media could not show that the police randomly rounded up the disciples and arrested them.

This following video is a living testimony to the ghastly police actions during the incident of Satlok Ashram Barwala in November 2014. These recordings were caught in the Ashram CCTV cameras and speak for themselves.


What was portrayed to the general pubic in the media?

The media was allowed coverage of the Satlok Ashram incident before the police attacked the ashram. During that time it was shown

  • that the police was not allowed entry in to the ashram to furnish the orders of court. However a panel of doctors arranged by the District Collector was allowed in to the ashram.

After the Satlok Ashram attack, the media showed

  • that the ashram disciples attacked the police. This was however not entirely true.
  • that the ashram disciples fired at the police. This claim by the police was totally unfounded.
  • there was stones inside the ashram. This is true but justified for the reasons given above.
  • the police claimed that people died in the ashram as they were held captive in a closed room. However the truth is that the tear gas shelling caused asphyxiation as a result of which casualties occurred. This has been testified by a disciple whose wife was killed in tear gas shelling.