Case of Murder has been falsely framed on Sant Rampal Ji

  • The main complainant claims that he never filed an FIR against Sant Rampal Ji & His followers.

  • The police fraudulently filed an FIR against Sant Rampal Ji by taking signatures on a blank sheet.

Ever since arrests were made in Satlok Ashram, Barwla case of Nov 2014 following the siege of the ashram by the police, from day one, Sant Rampal Ji & His followers have maintained that the police accusations slammed on Sant Rampal Ji & his followers have been a bundle of lies.

Just two days ago a video emerged of a press conference where Supreme Court Senior Advocate A.P Singh representing Satlok Ashram / Sant Rampal Ji, and another person named Shivpal have given testimonies holding the police responsible for their barbaric heavy handedness and the ensuing deaths at the ashram during the police operation at Satlok Ashram, Barwala in Nov 2014.

Shivpal is a follower of Sant Rampal Ji. It is worth noticing that, it is this Shivpal who has been made the main complainant by the police, in the murder case against Sant Rampal Ji and some of His followers. Shivpal has always claimed that the Police took his signatures on a blank sheet of paper (to release dead body of his wife) and later used it to file a case against Sant Rampal Ji fraudulently using hiss name. However Shivpal has always held the police responsible for his wife’s death from day one. 

When Shivpal learnt about the police proceedings, he approached the courts and filed an affidavit in 2015 claiming that his name has been fraudulently used to file this FIR & murder case against Sant Rampal Ji. However his cries fell on deaf ears and the case continued. The case has been very heavily one sided as the Police, the Administration & the Judiciary are glove in hand as their stand is totally vindictive. This is what forced the ashram lawyer  & authorities to hold a press conference and bring this information out in public domain so that justice could be served or at least the public could be apprised of the truth.

The news below is from Indian Express 21/11/2014 and it pertains to Shivpal who just 3 days after the death of his wife still keeps his faith in Sant Rampal Ji. So it is not a case that he has gone hostile. He has always maintained that Sant Rampal Ji is not responsible for the death of his wife. However the Judiciary, the Police and the Administration are so blatantly corrupt and vengeful that the case has been running now for more than 3 years.

The fact is that the case has been falsely framed from day one.

online link here

Full Press Conference – Video

Shivpal’s testimony starts at 37:28

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